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Oh Most Beloved Death

I have seen your many faces.
You introduced yourself as the seductress in the moonlight
And I was beguiled by your charming ways.
You made promises of everlasting peace.

In my despair I saw you as the key to my prison cell.
You beckoned for me to follow you.
I took one step forward and never looked back.
For a moment I found serenity in your arms.

Then came the ultimate betrayal.
I found myself back in the merciless clutches of life.
All I knew was shame and utter desperation.
Why had you forsaken me?
Was this nothing but a cruel joke?

As time became my lover
I saw you in a new light,
As my teacher, as my friend.
You taught me how to feel my pain,
Face my rage
And honor my shame.

With you by my side I could revel in my feelings,
Give thanks for my vulnerability,
And bust old patterns of destruction.
Love began to spring forth from a fountain deep within my heart.

Now in the dawn's early light
I see you as the Beloved,
My partner in life's journey.

Thank you for your message of Love.
Thank you for your gift of life.
Thank you for showing me who I am,
Both human and Divine.



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