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Grandmother And Me: Death Transformed

These words resounded in my head
Long after my grandmother passed away.

The fear, urgency, mystery, and drama
Of this ultimate event of one's life
Became her legacy to me.

Now, years later,
Having brushed with death on several occasions,
I welcome this event as the glorious culmination
Of a life filled with enlightening realizations.

Deep in my heart,
I transformed fear of death
Into surrender;
A whole-hearted surrender into infinite Peace.
I transformed the fear of death
Into the death of fear.
The energy of urgency turned into trust;
That heart-warming trust in Divine Love.
The mystery of death has vanished.
Through Peace and Love
Death has become a conscious event.
I am, now, consciously aware of death
At each moment of my life.
Thus, the drama of death changed
Into an experience of infinite Beauty and Joy.

Many years have passed;
Since my grandmother's death.
I still hear her voice.
It has become powerfully calm, comforting, and certain.

From a plane of Consciousness
Filled with Love, Light, Peace, and Joy,
My grandmother inspires me
To welcome death as my birth into this place
Where I shall meet her again
With all those who have gone before me.

I calmly and lovingly
Welcome death at anytime.
Death, I love you
As I love myself.



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