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Death And The Teenager

Our remembrance of Soul and God arrives in a myriad of ways. One of life's experiences that brings us to this remembrance is Death. Faced with Death we can choose to be open and flexible, or to shut down.

Visiting my teenage granddaughter recently, I saw and felt her opening to newfound ideas about Death with a maturity many adults never achieve. Three of her friends had died within a period of six months. I watched her mourn. Through poetry she expressed sorrow and heartbreak. Her poems also expressed the wonder of who she is, and why she is on this earth. She explored the growing understanding that Soul is forever. Her friends were no longer with her in form, yet they made themselves known to her through thought and as a 'felt' Presence.

Drama has fed her life. Highs and lows are her reality. They have given her many life lessons. I watch her making choices to bring her dramas into perspective. I see her open to a bigger picture. These recent deaths have been a gift. Prime among these gifts is the concept of living, moving, and having her Being in the present; the 'Now'. A new perspective! Most of humanity lives in the past, or dreams of the future. To be Conscious in the present, the moment, is priceless.

To be given such a Conscious awareness in the teen years is a blessing. Thirteen is a miraculous, flexible time. Teens 'try out' feelings, thoughts, actions. My granddaughter's growing awareness of her Soul is enriched by the visits of the Souls of her friends. Their messages are clear, loving, and full of joy. They share their realities.

"We are in a better place."

"There is no fear here."

"I died so you can feel the Peace that I feel."

"I am so happy."

My granddaughter has said…

"I know life is short."

"I see my family and friends differently, with more Love."

"My friends are with me always."

"Because of them, I give thanks for who I am and what I have."

Integration of these new concepts will continue. For her, there will be moments when old patterns of frustration and fear will resurface. My prayer for her is that she will, "Show up and be lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there, or inside herself."

As my Soul connects with her Soul, I see within my granddaughter a vast willingness to change. I give thanks for these first steps of her Awakening. I recognize that this process will move in Divine Order. As my granddaughter matures, her Soul will guide her perfectly. Her Soul Agreement may be to Wake-Up, or it may be to move back into the drama. Either choice will be perfect for her.

I am grateful to have her in my life. She is my teacher.


Thank you, Beloved Granddaughter.



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