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Divine Mother, Being of Light

Divine Mother
Blessed Being of Light,

You came to me
An angel,
Holding my hand
As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

You held me in your arms,
As I took life on
As a relentless pursuit
To love myself.

Never have you forgotten
God, which I am.
Always have you known me
To be Love.

With you I am heard.
With you I am known.
With you I am loved.

You are the Divine Mother, teacher, friend,
Emanating Compassion
Radiating Love.

You are my inspiration,
The spark of passion within me
That longs to know God.

Looking in your eyes,
I see God.
Listening to your voice,
I hear my Soul.
Walking in your footsteps,
I am Waking Up.

You are with me always,
The joy in my Heart,
The peace in my Soul,
The smile on my lips.

I thank God for your Presence,
The blessing you are.
I celebrate your Being,
Your gift of Life.



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