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Divine Mother

Your gaze can melt ice frozen for a thousand years;
Your touch can restore rare blossoms to a withered branch.
Your graceful appearance,
Like a soft, gentle breeze,
Blowing away the dust of transient vanity,
Allowing True Feelings to appear.
Your elegant demeanor,
As ethereal divine,
Radiates the brilliant light and power of peace.
From your very presence
I perceive the perfect unity of Divinity and Humanity.

You have helped shoulder my bitter sorrows;
You have shared with me joyful laughter.
At times upon my blind horse,
When I crossed the distant ford,
You were there just in time,
Wielding the shining sword of tough love,
Preventing me from falling into the abyss of my dramas.
How many times
Have you consoled my disappointed feelings,
Encouraging me to light the flame of my Heart,
Illuminating the course to Truth.
So I spread my wings of freedom,
To soar on high with independence and pride.
Never again shall I be in separation,
Longing for help deep into the night,
For your energy is always around me.
My Soul is imbued with your Soul;
My Consciousness merges with your Consciousness.
I offer my heartfelt gratitude,
To the Mother I so deeply love.

Thank you for all your support you have given me in this foreign land, helping me to find the True home in your Heart and in my Heart. Thank you for changing my life forever, opening up the possibilities and wonderment I did not know existed. Thank you for seeing me as God, as Love, and helping me to see myself as you see me. Now I am living in this Eternal Truth.



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