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Divine Love Changes Me

She's like the air
Breath of God
On the Earth Plane
Come to do a job

To be a teacher
for Humanity
To wake it up
To bring the key

It is Love.
Direct from above
On wings of a dove.
It is Love.

Love emanates on her face
Through her grace
In her embrace
Throughout time and space

I feel the heart of this master
Always with me
The prayer of this master
Always in me.

I came upon a master once
In female form
Words of truth spoken
I knew I was home.

I was drawn, as were others
by the magnetic resonance of Love
to her light, to her radiance.
We met frequently.
She had many answers.
We were all committed to change.

Each in our own way
Had always looked outside of ourselves
For Truth. For Love.

She had a unique perspective:
It's all within us.
We are God
We are the creators of our own lives
Take responsibility.

We did not know the whole picture when we began
Lest we be too scared to stay.
The teaching mode was gradual
But the Teachings were Truth.
Her life was a walking testament to their validity.

She always walked with us,
supported us.
She offered us every possibility
To really wake up to the Truth of who we are.

This was challenging,
It was accomplished over many years.

A Teaching was presented
once…presented again
if we did not fully receive it.

She was our mentor
For the Mystery School called Life.
How to do it in Love, Love, always Love.
Young mystics in training we were.

She recognized us…in every moment.
This was the key.
She spoke to our Souls,
not just to our egos.
There was nothing she said that was not Truth
and we knew it.

She was always directed by her Soul.
She ate, slept, breathed the Divine.
Her commitment was that she would teach us to do the same
To access the God Presence within each of us.

She has so lovingly prepared the way for us,
Given us every opportunity for growth, for change,
spoken with her authentic voice, referenced Soul
24 hours a day. She knows only
Love. Through demonstration, she teaches us to do this as well.
She has taught us the loving act of surrender. To receive.

With her passionate Love for God which she is
She moved us each day.
Fully present in Love
In work and in play

She taught us to listen to our own Souls
To recognize and fall in Love
With God which we are.
How to live as Divine in our human forms-
To embrace our egos with Soul.
Our Lives have been fully transformed
by this. By this beloved Being

She's like the wind.
Not attached to one thing.
Love moves her, through her
It's the song she sings.

She's like the earth
Mother Divine
Taught us to be Lovers
With space and with time.

No moments have been more precious in my life
Than moments with Divine Mother.
She soothes all cares
Turns unfair into fair.
Is always there.
Will always share.
Teaches us to dare.
Always notices your hair.
Teaches us that rare is not rare.
It's always there…if we bring our Consciousness to it.

She teaches us to say yes…always do it.
Never to feel like we blew it.
To realize we always knew it.
To know in our simultaneous past lives
we've already been through it.
To see the big picture not drama
so we don't stew on it.

I give great thanks to the master
for the precious gift of her life
for these 12 years.
With joy, we step forward now into the world
In our garments of light, fully Soul-infused.
Teachers in the Christ.
We will radiate our Love, clarity, joy, peace, spontaneity, enthusiasm,
creativity, simplicity to all.



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