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It is said that Michelangelo, when asked how he created the magnificent David, said it was not about creating something new. His job was to chip away at what was not the David. Divine Mother, you are the sculptor who has chipped away at all that has held us from recognizing the Truth of who we are. You have done this through patience, through support, and through recognizing us.

A Tribute To Divine Mother

The heart skips a beat as she enters the room
The gentle swish of her slippers waxing the floor
In silent prayer, I give thanks
For her. For me. For our Soul Agreement.

In her presence, one is fully seen
for the Truth of one's Being, Soul not ego
Everything that is not Love falls away.

One is always changed in
Each encounter with her
One becomes more compassionate to oneself
and thereby to others.

These have been precious moments in the presence of the Master
Who has taught us we are all masters.

She's like the fire
Passion burning bright
We're drawn in - our desire
Attracted to the Light.

She knows who she is
She lives only with God
God you, God me, God all things
She knows it. That is the difference.
She has given her undivided patience, Love
dedication, to us so we can "get it"
She has taught us to give our undivided
patience, Love dedication to ourselves
so we can "get it".

These have been previous moments in the presence of the Master
Who has taught us we are all masters.

She gets it first hand
From God which she is
The Teachings, the Silence,
the Awakening.
She has created the space
for us to learn to love ourselves so
we can love everything.

She has made lovers of us all. Lovers of time,
lovers of space, lovers of all polarities so
that we may stand in neutrality and not be affected
by things that are outside of ourselves.

She has demonstrated that Love is palpable
It is within us
It can be called upon at any time,
It is present in every moment. It moves mountains.

These are precious moments in the presence of the Master
who has taught us we are all masters.

She has facilitated the opening of our Hearts from the inside out.
We show up
We are lovingly present
We are alive
We are radiant
We hold energy
We embrace all
We can see the bigger picture.

Thank you, Divine Mother



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