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Remembering My Divine Mother

I looked across the Void
and heard a Song
The Sweetness of it
took my Breath away

I stood - poised -
enwrapped in the
Beauty of that Song
It touched my Heart,
my Soul

I remembered my Source
in that Song

I looked across the
Void and
Saw my own Reflection
Singing there:
Holy Beloved, Divine Mother

I remember

I looked across the Void
Into the face of Soul and
Saw my Divine Mother there

How do I remember this?
In the cells of my body
In the Beat of my Heart
In my very Breath.

Dear Beloved One, Divine Mother,
Reflection of All in One
You sing to me so that
I may remember eternally
This Song of Source

I bless you for this Song
It is my God Activity

How fragile I felt until
Your Love infused me

You have embraced my Heart
within your Divine Love
cradled my Being at your Breast

I drink deeply now
this Mother's milk

I remember

Now, I look across the
Void, and Behold,

We Are One.



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