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Life: A Balancing Act

As a human being, I recognize that one of life's greatest opportunities is maintaining balance. It is my belief that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience as opposed to human beings having a Spiritual experience. The crux of the matter lies in balancing our Spiritual life with our everyday egoic life. It is so easy to get swept up in the drama: the ups and downs, the roller coaster experience, the adrenaline rush. But how many of us stop long enough to ask, "What is really going on here? Why am I creating this in my life in the first place? Where am I out of balance in my life?"

It has taken me many years to begin this questioning process. I have found that the answers to the above questions come in greater ease when I am able to embrace both my Spiritual and egoic sides simultaneously. With no judgment in the way, my Soul can reveal to me the 'what', 'where', 'why', 'when', and 'how' of any situation. I can begin to break old destructive patterns that have denied me the balance in my life that only Self-love can bring. As I bring Conscious Awareness to all aspects of my life, I am able to recognize where I am out of balance and make the appropriate changes. I have become the Watcher/the Soul of my life. As I take responsibility for creating the drama, I am able to receive clarity from my Soul through insights and realizations. The controlling grip of my ego lessens. Confusion is replaced by peace. I am learning valuable lessons.

I realize that there are no accidents in life. Everything is a Divine Set-up. Every experience is an opportunity for me to be more loving and compassionate. As I embrace my humanity with my Divinity, an innate balance is achieved. Maintaining a sense of balance allows me to live in the moment in a state of grace and gratitude. From this place I can relinquish control and surrender into the arms of Divine Order and Divine Love.

In my personal life I have created exquisite Divine Set-ups to teach me balance. As an adult I have struggled with health issues that have kept my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies out of balance. It is just in the last five years that I have learned how to balance the chemical imbalance of Manic-Depressive Disorder. For over twenty years I lived in a state of imbalance that created untold stress on my physical body. Now in the last eight months, I have been dealing with a condition known as Candida which is an imbalance that stems from taking care of the emotional well being of others while neglecting one's own sense of well being.

The incredible lesson has been to love myself and take care of my own needs. I can love myself while I continue to love and be loved by others. I am learning how to stop and smell the roses. I am learning to surrender to the wisdom of my body when it tells me to rest. I am learning to surrender to the sweet ease. I am giving up my pictures of how life is supposed to look and accepting the simplicity and grandeur of Divine Order and Divine Love. Self-love is the essential ingredient to creating balance and harmony in my life.

With a new sense of balance in my life, I am living from a place of Creator rather than Victim. I am 'at choice' and there are no mistakes, only opportunities for change, growth, and transformation. Having known both despair and joy, I can live from the place of middle ground, where gratitude becomes my state of Being, and life is a miraculous adventure. I recognize all of this as a part of my Awakening process. I am truly blessed.



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