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Heaven On Earth

I dream of Heaven on Earth with my Beloved. I am with my Beloved. We are in a small boat moving gently across the ocean to a nearby lush, tropical island where there are no other human beings. In the boat, which is being guided by God, my Beloved is singing to me, our Souls connecting. We sing together weaving beautiful harmonies of songs we are creating together in the moment. We are surrounded by angels who are preparing a wondrous feast of our favorite foods. We arrive on the island and our clothing gently slips off. We dance to music sung by angels. The energy of Love, which can be felt all around, moves us. We are fully connected with the Love, with each other, with the angels, with the island, with all things.

As we dance, we dedicate our Love to the God Presence within and around us. Divine Love. We can see and feel the kundalini rise in each of us. We move sensuously together, my partner lifting and whirling me. I feel the flames in our hearts join into one flame. I am fully present in all my Bodies, Planes, and Cells, fully surrendering to the experience of Divine Union and Communion with My Beloved and with God. My Beloved enters me. We make love. I am totally connected with my sexuality, sensuality, Divine Mother and Divine Father within me, and with my Beloved. I feel filled with the sweet essence which is Him. He kisses me passionately, then slowly, then passionately again, whispering words of Love. We fall asleep in each other's arms. We bathe in a room lit by multitudes of candles with sweet fragrance. A soft sound of ancient chants is present in the background. We hike. We share thoughts, feelings, food. We kiss again and again, softly then deeply. We make love. We become the One again. We feel our cups runneth over with Love once again. We are together in Love, experiencing Love with God, which we are, in Consciousness.



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