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My Twin

How can I sing to your silence?
Beloved, you can't hear me.

I feel lost in isolation,
With you right by my side.
You can't hear me.

I live to express,
To sing, to share
But you can't hear me.

I scream out in the night
Longing for comfort and re-assurance.
You still can't hear me.

Can you feel my frustration?
Do you share my pain?
How can you know of my love for you?
You can't hear me.

I cry out for the embracing of our Souls.
You hold me in your arms.
I feel known.
You need not hear me.

But, now you hear me,
With your eyes,
Your touch,
Your smile.

I am lost in the bliss
Of our love.
Silence no longer
The abyss between us.

You catch me as I am falling in Love with myself.
I can finally release guilt,
Escape the prison of self-judgment,
Live in Joy.

I can sing.
I can fly.
From the depths of my Soul,
You hear me.



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