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You say it is unlucky

That my taxes are so high.

At the feeling level,

All I want to do is cry.


I say I want to quit my work

To find a simpler way.

My fears come up--no money.

So where am I gonna stay?


Yet I cannot say this is all bad.

Maybe it's the golden opportunity

I never had.

If I listen, I know my Soul is guiding me.

I surrender, in Trust and Faith,

Not yet having the key.


Maybe it's good and maybe it's bad

and maybe it's neither way.

To live in Soul

One can say for sure.

One can never judge

that which occurs.


I trust the Love that guides me

In each and every day.

The Truth of all things will be revealed

If in my Heart I stay.


Part 2


What does it mean

To stay in my Heart…?

In The Serene Center Of My Being

Within My Heart

How do I know when I'm there?


When I'm in The Serene Center Of My Being Within My Heart

I haven't a care.

I always share.

Everything feels fair.

It's both no where and everywhere.

When I dwell in my Heart

I feel the Grace.

There is no finer place.


How do I get there?

I become calm and quiet.

I go into the Silence.

Where there's no shame

nor violence.

I am receptive and open.

No worry, no mopin'.


My mind is not working.

My ego is not jerking.


I visualize an elevator descending down into my Heart.

I am surrendering and surrendering

All of my thoughts and feelings.

I am open to receive

All the Love the universe has for me.

I stand as the Watcher, not pulled

into drama.

I see things from a Bigger Picture Perspective.


As I emerge from the Silence, stepping out

into the world still in The Serene Center Of My Being

Within My Heart

I am transformed. My experience in the world is

very different than before.


I am Lovingly present in each moment,

no matter what it looks like

inside or outside of myself.

I am fully Conscious that I radiate the presence of

God, of Love, flowing through me.

I am also Conscious that I see God in each being I meet.

I know the Truth of who they really are.

I stand in neutrality as the Watcher.

I do not take things personally, living in the Impersonal.

I ask for and receive guidance from my Soul.

I live in Trust and Faith that if I listen, I will be

fully guided in each moment.

I live a life which is Soul-Centered, Heart-Centered.

All of my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions stem from Love.

I live my life in full Consciousness that I am the creator of

each moment.


If I choose not to stay within The Serene Center Of My Being Within My Heart,

Here is what my life looks like:


I judge myself and others unceasingly.

I live an unfulfilled life of the perfectionist

who can never be happy.

I am wracked with self-doubt.

I swing back and forth from happiness to sadness and anger.

Some days I love being here and other days I do not want to be here.

I blame others. I blame myself.

I hold unexpressed emotions in my physical body.

My mind plays the same endless tapes over and over.

I live in the future and the past.

I worry. I worry about my taxes.


You say I am unlucky that my taxes are so high…

If I stay in The Serene Center Of My Being Within My Heart,

I am in a state of Love all the time, no matter what the situation

looks like.

Life is a joy to live. I am not attached to the outcome of anything.

I choose Love. Love. Love. What about you?



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