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One Of The Paths To Self-Love

Why Self-Love? Loving myself is a process. A process of discovery about who, what, how, and why I am in this world. I have come from unacknowledged low-grade depression, denial of feelings, self-abuse, and self-sabotage. I have brought these to Consciousness through this process of self-discovery. I am finally ready to uncover what is really going on. Ready to uncover the patterns that have kept me blind as to how I am in this world. Willing to see what is in front of my face. It has been like a hand on my face. So much a part of me that I did not even know the hand, (my negative patterns), was on my face. The very act of putting these words into the world means I am ready to change. It is a process. For me, it has been ongoing for 12 years and still counting.



Had someone thought to ask me about Self-Love, I would have said, "Of course I love myself, my parents, my family." And therein lies the rub. I wanted to love myself. I wanted to love everything and everyone. The truth is I was submerged in self-doubt and self-loathing. I was far from Self-Love. What kept me from moving beyond my ego-stuff? I was stuck in the belief that I could not change. My comfort zone was pain, fear, and denial.


Steps to Self-Love

Name the negative feeling(s) you want to change.
Ask is you want to change the feeling(s)
If the answer is yes, proceed to the next step. (If the answer is no, there is no need to read further.)
Feel the feeling
Visualize the feeling moving up into your Heart
Embrace the feeling
Watch the feeling move from contraction (the present vibration) to expansion (a higher vibration) in an upward spiraling pattern
Watch the feeling become Light/Love
Experience the negative feeling as it changes into Love-of-Self
Be willing to relentlessly practice this new Truth - Love-of-Self



My Soul asked me to start with acceptance. "Forget about the lofty concept of Love," said my Soul. "Begin with acceptance." I know, I feel, when I accept something. I assume full responsibility for that which I accept. I acknowledge what is happening for me in the moment. I acknowledge Consciously the fullness of my undertaking. I name what is going on.

More than the mere parroting of agreement, acceptance is an acknowledgement that I, you, we, see what is. "What is" does not define what we would like to happen, but what is really going on. "What is" deals in the here and now, not some expectation or attachment we may "need, want, or desire". Needs, wants, desires, attachments, and expectations are all products of "what is not". My definition of acceptance is acknowledging "what is".

By acknowledging my needs, I take responsibility for those needs. I act upon those needs. I am fully in the process of change, the process of Loving Self. I choose to bring all the negative aspects of myself into Love.



Alignment is another step in the process of Self-Love. Alignment of the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) begins when we see beyond our ego dramas. See what our life might look like if we are willing to practice Self-Love.

We make the decision to change our feelings by working the Self-Love Process outlined above
We choose to accept "what is"
We bring Consciousness to what happens in each of our four lower bodies
We feel our negative and positive feelings completely
We recognize that our thoughts (in the mental body) take on Soul Qualities. Some of these qualities include creativity, Love, joy, spontaneity, enthusiasm, peace, and simplicity
We are aware of a transformation toward Soul Qualities in all our four lower bodies


When all four bodies begin to experience peace and acceptance of "what is", we are on the road to alignment.

Soul has always been available to us. In the process of Self-Love, acceptance, and alignment, Soul is always present. We are learning to listen to Soul's messages. When we make the decision to Awaken, Soul offers us the opportunities that will carry us through "our stuff" and guide us to Self-Love. We will often "exit" back into ego and our ego dramas. Soul always awaits us in the Serene Center of Our Being Within Our Heart. Soul is always there. Please remember, Soul will never intrude upon our choices. Only after we make the Conscious decision to change, does Soul actively begin to assist us.



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