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A Question Of Balance

Each of us is faced with the dilemma of achieving a balance between spirituality (Divinity) and everyday egoic life (Humanity). Some people live mostly in the mundane world and do not know how to integrate with the spiritual world, even if they believe it exists. Perhaps they see spiritual matters as something outside themselves - something to do only on specially designated days. Other people have a spiritual orientation but struggle with the day-to-day life of contemporary society. These people may have trouble focusing on the ordinary matters of daily life, such as paying bills on time, living in intimate relationships, or having health problems. There are others who have come closer to a balance between these two seeming extremes, but still grapple with the paradoxes inherent in maintaining a life which acknowledges both worlds.

In order to successfully integrate the Divine and the Human aspects of our lives, we must alter our point of view so we may perceive life differently. Our egos will undergo vast change. We need to "spiritualize" our everyday, egoic way of living and make it sacred. To do this, we must find the Divine within the ordinary, mundane situations and events in our everyday lives.

God exists everywhere and in everything. So, it follows that we must be able to perceive the Divine nature of all things no matter how mundane. This requires that we take responsibility for everything in our world, both inner and outer.

We are spiritual beings (first and foremost), having a human experience. In fact, everything we do is a spiritual experience. We are here to experience life as God in human form. To fully accomplish this, we must join the Divine and the Human together. The spiritual and the mundane. We, as God, have chosen to experience humanity and limitation for the express purpose of fully knowing our Divinity and our limitlessness. One without the other makes no sense to those who seek this balance. It is the beginning of our Awakening.

To bridge this gap between these worlds we must realize, that in reality, there is no gap. The mundane and the Divine are just conceptual names given to describe ideas. In reality, everything is Divine because it all comes from God. In other words, it is made of 'Godstuff'. God is within everything that exists. So, everything is already spiritual. Every situation, every person, and every event. When one is able to see the spiritual nature of everything and operate daily from this awareness, then everything becomes sacred. Life takes on a whole new focus and meaning. What used to be problems now become opportunities for change. More importantly, these opportunities provide the next steps for our growth and evoltuion into our true selves as God.



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