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Reflections On:
Everything Is A Symbol
Everything Is A Divine Set-Up

This is a Love story.

Have you ever seen someone who has just fallen in Love? He or she radiates with a "rosy glow". The Love felt within reflects throughout his or her being, both on the inside and the outside. I am learning to fall more in Love with myself. It is about Love from within reflecting outside. The Love always comes from within. The Divine abundant flow of Love we experience springs from within. Only from this place of Loving self can we Love another. I created a wonderful Divine Set-Up for myself which was yet another opportunity to learn Self-Love. Here is my Love story:

I know that everything is a symbol. Yet I do not always remember this, especially when I find myself operating at the level of my own personal drama. If I remember to reference my Soul, I will get it. If I forget, I can stew in a drama for days, experience self-judgement, and not really get what the Divine Set-Up was. I know that everything is a Divine Set-Up for us to learn…for us to Wake Up to the Truth of who we are as Love. The lesson of Divine Set-Ups is always Love, to help us learn to be more loving. I am learning Self-Love. If I don't get it one way, I know the Divine will offer another way. I am relentless in my desire to get it. I have a Soul Agreement to Wake Up. I look at events from the level of symbol when I am Awake. I know there is always something else going on. Things are never what they appear to be.

I gained an understanding recently, an "aha." It was regarding a situation that I would not have understood had I not looked at it from the level of symbol, had I not referenced my Soul as to the bigger picture surrounding the event. I have been so busy with my work, other commitments, changing jobs, etc, over the past several months that I have failed to take responsibility for two very important aspects of my life, my car and my hormones.

Over two days, the fact that I had missed these stitches was presented to me in two events. Because both awarenesses came at the same time, I felt a great deal of self-judgement that I had "blown it." I did not see the relationship of the two events and what they were telling me, how they were a Wake-Up call for me to take better care of myself and to experience greater Self-Love.

Despite my busyness over the past months, I have been very vigilant about washing my car and covering it every night. I have been Conscious of taking my vitamins, getting my hair cut, my teeth cleaned. I had a note on my desk for months to have my car serviced and lab tests done for my hormones. I had not gotten to these items as many other things seemed to require my immediate attention. I have felt very well and my car has been running fine.

When the Truth of my lack of responsibility in these areas was revealed to me, I judged myself. I found that my lack of attention to my beloved older car has caused some leaks in important places. In the same manner, I felt some judgement from the medical practitioner around my lack of responsibility to follow through with the needed tests. This triggered even greater feelings of self-judgement. 

Yet, I got it. I got the meaning behind the symbols of the car and lab tests. I realized that the exact same situation that I had played out with my car was played out with the tests. My lack of attention to the inner workings of my car, despite my focus on the outer aspects, perfectly reflected my lack of attention to the inner workings of my body. My focus was in the wrong place. I had forgotten the Truth. My beloved car was my reminder that everything comes from within. This was a perfect Divine Set-Up for me to get it because my car, my vehicle through life, reflects my inner vehicle. In order to move smoothly through life, I must have my vehicle intact. I bless my car for offering me this lesson. I will move quickly now on the lab tests, having gotten the lesson to look within to Self-Love, rather than outside of myself. Truth is never found outside oneself, no matter how hard one seeks. It is always within. Once it is found within, it is seen in everything, everywhere both inside and outside. Truth inside is reflected outside.

The care, the Love which I have for my car/my vehicle, my body/my vehicle, is a reflection of my Self-Love. For all those things which support me in my life, I am fully and solely responsible. My car is the vehicle which carries my physical body. My physical body is the vehicle which carries my God Consciousness. I need both to be fully present, alive, and well in my life. Thank you, Divine Presence, Beloved Soul, within me, for creating this clear Divine Set-Up for me to learn greater Self-Love, for the clarity, and for my willingness to ask the question "What is really going on here?" And getting the answer from you, Dear Soul. Thank you.



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