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Transformed Fear = Love

Fear is the withholding of Love from yourself and usually another. While in college, I chose to give up my music degree and career in order to marry. I was afraid to succeed in music. Ego offered me many justifications for my decision. I used all of them. The truth is that I did not trust my talent and withheld Love from myself.

Love is the opposite of fear. Love is All There Is. Everything is
Love. God is Love. I am Love. Fear is Love. Fear is Love in a contracted form or vibration. At the time of my decision to avoid taking responsibility for my musical gift, I was in denial around my fear of success (or failure). I had little Self-Love. I did not know I was Love and Soul.

I was not aware I was ego, either. I was spiritually fast asleep. I buried my fear, but fear held me captive. Ego is fear-based. Ego ran my life.

How then does fear get stuck in our minds, our emotions, our actions, our cells? Our parents imprinted us with fear just as their parents imprinted them. We pass fear on to our children through example. The child can not speak for itself, accepting what parents say and do as truth. The child is taught self-loathing instead of Self-Love.

Good students that we are, we found fear to be a useful control tool. When not controlling through fear, we are victims to its paralyzing energy. Inertia sets in. We are afraid to change. Fear begets more fear until we are confronted with a fear so overpowering we call out to Soul for help. Now we are now ready to change. We are ready to listen to Soul.

Only when Love is present can we begin to transform fear. Soul guides us to change our perception of fear. Soul teaches that fear is a contracted vibration of Love. Through Soul's guidance, fear is gently transformed into Love. Soul gives us the patience and persistence to practice loving our fear/our ego. We develop Self-Love and self-awareness. We find that we can look in the mirror and say, "I Love and accept myself, (my name), just the way I am." If we accept the lesson offered by Soul, we can begin to embrace our ego, our fear. Remember fear is an ego energy. Soul does not know fear. Soul knows only Love. Love radiates from Soul. I am Soul filled. I radiate Love.

Long ago, as a music student, I made a decision not to trust my talent. Today I accept and honor that decision. All decisions are in Divine Order. I am the person I am today because of all the experiences I have had. All my choices, including marriage and a family. These were impeccable decisions. Through them I was presented with all the lessons I needed for beginning my process of Awakening.

Today I am grateful to Soul for continuing to bring my negative thoughts and feelings to my attention. I give thanks for Soul guiding my Consciousness so that I may change my negative thoughts and feelings. I Love and accept myself just as I am. I Love myself because I have allowed myself to feel the fear and accept the fear, and transform the fear. I am the transformed fear. I am Love.



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