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Please Stop Taking Your Life So Personally

Hey, it's my life! …Are you sure? We experience physical life so we can take our lives personally. This is a significant aspect of the human experience. It makes for a lot of fun. However, this is not the end all and be all. There is so much more. The ego personality is such a miniscule aspect of who you truly are. Yet it is supremely important to the overall scheme of things. We experience life through a limited band of awareness called the personal to be able to fully comprehend and appreciate our unlimitedness as God. It is our launching pad into Infinity. The personal defines us, gives us identity, and grounding in matter and form. When we are ready, we can throw off the chains of the ego personality and propel ourselves into All That Is. To be born again really means to leave the cocoon of our ego personality and spread our wings into the unlimited nature of Being, of the Impersonal/Soul/Divine.

Now, the real fun begins. Because we have had experience of the limited ego personality we can fully appreciate our freedom in Infinity from having known the opposite. We have a priceless point of reference. From knowing what we are not, we can know who we truly are. Instead of being merely a person, we become an event, a happening, a process of eternal creation. Free from all constraints of time and space, we soar joyously in ecstatic bliss. Stretch out into the Impersonal/Soul/Divine and know yourself as you truly are. Once you know the Impersonal/Soul/Divine your life takes on a whole new flavor. You can really start to live your life because ego personality is very limited. Knowing the Impersonal/Soul/Divine gives you access to experiences of freedom while still being housed in a body. It's the best of both worlds. Let your spirit soar in the Impersonal/Soul/Divine while enjoying the delights of the body: sex, food, music, dancing…

Not taking your life personally is really about being in service. It is God work. God moves through our lives as the Impersonal/Soul/Divine within each person. God enjoys being a person through you. How does it feel to have God look through your eyes, hear with your ears, and feel through your skin? When you move into the Impersonal/Soul/Divine you experience your Oneness as God individualized. This may sound contradictory. It is paradoxical. God's funny that way.


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