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Lotus Heart Laughing

This is the story of
Lotus Heart Laughing
as she opens to her Beloved Sun.

Once she hid in cold muddy waters
In darkness she slept alone
Forgetting who she was,
His light from above called to her.

But she, buried so deep
could hear only a whisper
She remained unborn
She remained unborn.

Long dark nights brought
dreams of fire and water
She met a Bull whose raging words
were strong enough to shake her slumber.

"You need strength now
to be born and to grow,
The light awaits you,
awaits to sit on your throne.

Feel the power of my fire
igniting your Heart's desire
Now is the time to Awaken
Now is the time to be born."

The Lotus seed began to laugh
to shake and to rumble
cracking the shell that kept
her in deep slumber.

She laughed until she cried
She laughed right through her tears,
She swam out of the dark night
Reaching toward the light.

Higher and higher she grew
through the muddy water
Until the day coldness
gripped her tender heart.

Where was her Beloved Sun on endless
cloudy days and moonless nights?
Without His Love she couldn't remember
her purpose, or where to place her sights.

Then the Bull rumbled in her roots,
An echo of Awakening, a call to bloom,
And she could hear the spark inside
sing its desire to grow and shine.

She laughed, and laughing
parted the veil of water into air,
trembling in the touch of wind,
in the sweet embrace of the Sun.

Ah! to feel his light upon her petals,
pressed so tight like hands in prayer,
And for many days the Lotus bud
basked in the Sun's light, in His Love.

His rays at dawn whispered to her,
"Beloved, open yourself to me this day,
let me touch you deep in your Heart
where I will henceforth always stay."

But she was afraid to feel the fire
of being naked under his gaze,
The Sun said, "I will not tire,
I await you with eternal patience."

So the Lotus held herself oh so tightly
'til she wearied in the heat,
"I can fight this Love no more,
it's made my fear soft and weak.

If I don't let go I'll die without knowing
what it is to be touched deep inside."
She began to open just a little,
The Sun kissed her petals lightly.

She felt His Love and it was sweet,
like a giggle, like a tickle deep within,
But when the Sun left her in the night
She closed again until the dawn's light.

For three days she opened
a bit more each day, and closed
when her Lover slept, for she needed
His light to awaken her Heart.

On the fourth day, she surrendered
totally to the Sun and on her golden throne
He sat, cupped in the splendor
of her many pink petals.

She laughed and sang all day
a fragrant song of beauty,
a passionate release of joy,
For she had transformed into the Sun.

At the center of her blossoming Heart
was a bright yellow core,
the radiance of the Sun was truly
always inside her waiting to shine.

For many days she laughed with the Sun
and sang to the Moon at night, knowing
that she could never close her Heart again,
Lover and Beloved were one.

One stormy afternoon, Lotus Heart Laughing
watched the clouds grow dark,
as the wind invited her to dance,
One by one she let her petals drop.

Stark naked she danced in the pond
beneath the pouring rain,
the golden throne, her inner Sun,
was all that remained.

This is the story of your Lotus Heart, as well.
Your Soul light awaits your
within and without.



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