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I had wondered aimlessly through my life,
Waiting for that single moment
And when it was upon me
I knew
"It is simple" she said
"Truth always is"…
"Surrender, and your whole life will change forever"
I said "YES…I can do that"
As I stood at the edge of humanity
I let go

In slow motion I dove
Into the crystal clear,
Turquoise blue,
Pools of her Soul
It was she, my messenger of Light
Who would lead me inside
Inside of what, I did not know, it did not matter
I was ready, I was

Through endless creation
I continue to fall
I have ridden the wave of her bliss
I have touched my remembering through her
In silence I fall into the Heart of God
Her Heart
My Heart
Our Heart
She has fallen before me
Illuminating my way
I follow behind her

Through her Love I open into
Epiphanies of splendor
She holds me
She enfolds me
Rapture infills my Soul
Her Soul
Our Soul
We dance as the Sacred
More deeply still


I hold her now
Within the crystal clear, lavender blue pools of my Soul
Eternally grateful for her gift of my Life
Her breath of Love, that breathes me
Her simultaneous moments of Divine Inspiration, that change me
Her passion, that moves me to dance the infinite of my Heart
To forever
In Love

As the energy has been past to me,
I joyfully embrace it
And say,
To the ones who stand
As I did,
On the edge of humanity
"It is simple, Truth always is"
"Surrender, and your whole life will change forever"

The crystal clear pools of our Souls
Await all who choose to let go



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