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I Know Before Whom I Stand

I say my prayers.
I fall asleep.
I move into the dream state.
She stands before me
I kiss His feet
I am moved by deep love to hold Her
Inside of me
To take His essence, Her presence
into my physical being

I want to hold all that He is
I want to hold the Love that She is inside of me
I am inspired.

Who is this man? This woman?
Is He God?
Is She Christ, Buddha, Allah…
Who is He?
I know Her not
Yet He is everything that is Life, is Love.
She is wisdom, compassion, Love.

As I raise my eyes to meet His,
I feel filled with the presence of Love so deep
That I can barely contain myself.
Tears stream down my face.
I meet God in Her full magnificence
Speaking to Me.
Loving Me.
Welcoming Me.
Acknowledging Me.

Everything changes.
I have another piece of the puzzle
called my Life.

I wake up.
I walk out to the street.

I see Her.
I kiss His feet.
I stand.
My eyes meet Hers.
I am filled with the presence of Love so deep
I can barely contain myself.
Love flows through me
From my heart to His.
Tears stream down my face.
I meet God in Her full magnificence.
I bless Him.
I bless Myself.

He walks down the street.
She sees another man.
He bends down and kisses His feet.
She stands.
His eyes meet the other's eyes.
I watch.
I see Light emanate from this being/man/woman
to the other.
I see the other receive the Light
I see the Light around both expand.

Fully Light embraced, God walks down the street
He/She sees a man… A woman…



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