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Remembering You Are A Mystic:
A Simple Act Made Sacred

Everything is Sacred.

When I was a child, my mother gave me the job of cleaning toilets in our home. I cleaned them with anger and resentment. "Why me? Poor me."

Then one day the Christ visited me and said that I would be cleaning toilets for many years. He told me that I had come back into embodiment to practice and fully live the great Truth that Everything is Sacred. And so it came to pass that I did just that, I cleaned toilets. As the years came and went, I began to understand the profound wisdom that was being imparted to me through this simple act. I realized that until I could clean a toilet with the same Love I would use to wash the feet of the Christ, I had not yet made Sacred this simple, mundane act. It is true, there were moments when I knew I was fully Conscious and Loving when cleaning a toilet. But, I could not hold that Sacred Consciousness over any length of time. Gradually, I built my spiritual muscle. That is to say, I was able to hold everything as Sacred for longer and longer periods of time. Then one day as I completed cleaning a toilet, the Christ came to me and said; "Thank you, Beloved, you remember unceasingly that you are washing my feet."

From that moment to this, I continue to practice this great Truth: Everything is Sacred; every word I speak, every breath I breathe, every thought I think, every feeling I feel, every action I take. All work, no matter how sacred or mundane; all relationships no matter how short or how long; Life/Death/Birth/Change - all is Sacred.



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