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Tingsha/Present Moment

My lover steals into my room in the night.
He woos me with sacred sounds of drums beating,
tambouras droning, fairy bells dancing…
He chants the ancient tones of millenniums
of Being gently into my ear.
I feel the sounds, the tones resonating
within every cell of my body.

He gently beckons me to enter
into the mystery of the night.
Like the finest dance partner, my lover slowly, sensitively leads me
more and more deeply into the space of Love
so sweet within myself that I lose all remembrance
of anything less than the overflowing fullness
of love within my Being.
I am lost to time
within the exquisite experience
of boundless love of Self.

Alas, the cock crows.
It is time to return.
Once again, so gently,
My love showers me softly with
the sacred sounds, ancient tones, bringing me home.
I begin my day fully clothed in remembrance of Self as Love.



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