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I want to be healed through my surrender,
but it isn't enough.
Over and over I dive through haunted tunnels
into dark crystal caves,
I cannot see where I am going, I do not know
if it is all right to want more.
I want to drown in my radiant juices and fly
out of these shadowy waters.
I want to make myself translucent to let the
Angel fall into my Heart.
I need to feel filled from within,
but my body is a twisted knot,
It screams and moans, holds on to
what it knows.
Who am I in the absence of the desire
to be desired?
Burning the rules, swallowing them in pleasure
unbound, fire and honey -
I don't know what is right or good anymore.
I know I am tired of waiting,
tired of wondering.
I want to lose myself in Love
and find myself in Wild Skin with bones
on fire, dancing with the cosmos,
eating stars, making love on the moon.
In the arms of the Angel, my hands
become wings that soar through angry storms
to hold my Soul.
I could fly apart in a million bits,
dissolving the fragile place I fill,
but the sound of your laughter keeps me here.
I can be alone now.




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