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I sit at the feet of The Beloved.
I feel whole and complete.
I do not look for another.

What is there beyond this One?


Have I lost myself in this ecstasy?

No, I have not.

I have found myself here at the feet of The Beloved.

How far must I travel to come into this Presence?

The Distance of 1000 lifetimes and a single breath.

The Distance is from my head to my Heart.

That is all.

I let go of my mind and free fall in Love.

Falling in Love to Love The Beloved.

The Beloved awaits me in my Heart.

The Beloved is steadfast.

Never leaving, never turning away.

Pure Presence of Love awaiting me.

At first, I could not believe that The Beloved awaited me. What had I
done to deserve this? What would I have to do to assure this?

The Answer: Nothing.

Oh, no, please ask me to do something. I must earn this honor. "Nothing" is beyond my comprehension. Yes, this is true. If I try to comprehend The Beloved, I am lost. The Beloved does not ask for mind. The Beloved asks for Heart. If I give all that I am from my Heart, then I will be as Nothing.

I surrender all that I am again, and again, and again until I am


Then I am absorbed into The Beloved.

I am One with The Beloved.

What started as a free fall became Nothing at all.

Now I remain steadfastly at the feet of The Beloved.
And The Beloved at the feet of me.
We are One.

I still live my life. Rise in the morning, walk the dog, have breakfast, workout, bathe, write, edit, collaborate with other artists/other mystics, envision, create, manifest, laugh, sing, rejoice, create more, inspire myself, and others.

I measure the day in Being, though I appear to be Doing, Nothing at all.

You see, everything comes unto me.

I do not go anywhere or do anything.

I remain steadfastly at the feet of The Beloved.
And The Beloved at the feet of me.
We are One.




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