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Life As A Mystic

It is my Way of Life. I live in full Consciousness with the paradox of being both in form and in formlessness simultaneously. My body is form. My essence, Love, is formless. Love carries me. It is the light within me. It gives clarity to all form. It allows me to see through the form to the message behind the form, through symbol. If I see all form as a symbol of the formless, i.e., living at the level of Soul/the Bigger Picture, my life takes on a very different meaning. My daily experience is raised up from the mundane to the sacred. I am no longer lost in the limited, polarized experience of ego. I have raised up my experience to one of sacredness, of exquisite holiness and intentionality.

It is the Consciousness that I bring to my life that shapes my experience in form. I bring Consciousness to the formless in my daily life. I prepare the way for living in a state of Conscious awareness by merging the form and formless in my daily life through my morning activities. I do this to maintain Consciousness of the Truth of my God Presence. I know that I am the creator of each moment. I want to live my life as a prayer.

I begin my day with a prayer of gratitude upon awakening/Awakening. I give thanks that I am here in human form to experience yet another day of Love, of feelings, of breath, of air, of song, of friends, of life. I set my intention on bringing Love to every thing I do, say, or think.

I sit in Silence each morning, surrendering the more dense experience of my mind, body, and emotions. I experience the lightness, and the depth of the formless. I say many prayers in the shower as I allow the warm water flowing over my body to embrace me. I know my Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. The ripples of every thought I have impact all Consciousness. I bless myself, my family, my friends, as well as those for whom I have feelings of less than Love. I bless the murderers, the rapists, the abusers. I pray that if it is in Divine Order, they too Awaken to the light of their God Consciousness.

I sing, I chant, I give thanks, I praise God which I am, which we all are. I fill my mind, my Heart, my home with song. I experience my Godness, my holiness throughout my morning ablutions. I feel joyful. I continue to hold a prayerful Consciousness as I dress. I prepare to meet the Beloved, every Beloved in my life's adventure of the day-my friends, my neighbors, my students, my teachers, those who prepare my food, those who pass by. I pray that I recognize the Divinity within each being I encounter. I hold my experience of each new day in full sacredness with this intention.

I bless my food before I eat. I bless those who have lovingly prepared it, the animals that have given their lives for my nourishment, the farmers who have grown the crops, those who eat and those who do not have food. I take a moment to remind myself of the wonder and grace of my life and of the interconnectedness of all creation. I give thanks for my abundance, both in form and in formlessness.

I drive to work, giving gratitude to my car. My vehicle is a symbol for me of how I am carried and supported in this life. I do not take this for granted.

I prepare the energy for my work. I align with my students at the Soul level. I ask my Soul to teach me how best to serve each student that day. I trust the Love that is flowing through me as I do my work.

I see each occurrence throughout the day from the level of Soul/the formless. I know that each encounter is a symbol, or mirror of what is going on in my Consciousness. I know that it is never about the other. For example, if a child cries and I have a reaction, I see that he/she is expressing feelings that are still unresolved in me at some level. I give thanks for the message and the messenger and will do The Work on my issues. Each event I experience from the Soul level is presented for the Awakening of my Consciousness. It allows me to know myself more fully as God, which I am.

I choose the experience of a prayerful life for myself. I could sit on top of a mountain and be so happy and peaceful, but I know that my Soul Agreement is to experience my Truth as the God Presence in the world of work, play, drama, and community. My work is to hold everything in my Consciousness as sacred, both for myself and for all humanity. Living my life from the perspective of a prayer gives meaning to my life. It brings me great joy. I feel Love flowing through me all the time. I feel in Love. I am in Love with God. My life is about my Love Affair with the Divine, seeing the Divine in all things. I am never alone. I am always connected to all that is, was, and ever will be. Thank you.



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