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Awakening As A Mystic

As a mystic, I live, move, and have my Being as one passionately in Love with God. I know that I am God. I know that I am Love. I am one with All That Is, Divine Love. There is no separation between myself, God, which I am, and All That Is.

My Awakening as a mystic is a process, a constantly unfolding process of Love. I find Love within and without. Love is everything and everyone. Love is thought, feeling, action, and stillness. Love is magnetic and radiant. Love is form and formlessness. There is nothing that is not Love. When I grasped the truth that everything is Love, and everything is God, I accepted it with thanks and gratitude.

How did I come to accept that I am a mystic? All my patterning from my parents held that to Love one's self was to be self-centered, self-serving, and selfish. I transformed this old negative belief into Self-Love. Each day my Heart opens and expands. Each day I Love myself more and more and more.

Self-Love is responsibility. I take responsibility by asking for support and Loving all that I create. Because of Self-Love, I am able to see Love in everyone and everything. The "other" is an aspect of myself. The "other" is my mirror showing me the lost or denied part of myself that I have not yet brought into Self-Love.

I learned about Self-Love from my Soul. I am deeply surrendered to Soul. Soul is my constant companion. Soul taught me my Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. Soul taught me to relinquish the need to know anything. With Soul's guidance, I Consciously surrender the ego functions of judgement, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense. With Soul's guidance, I Consciously practice the Soul qualities of joy, peace, simplicity, creativity, humor, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and Love.

My Soul lives in neutrality and at-one-ment. My ego lives in polarity. By bringing my Consciousness to this neutrality, I am able to practice being impersonal. When I am in neutrality I am in 'isness'/the Moment. I am not attached to the outcome of a situation. Neutrality also has no expectations of a person or event. I am in constant surrender to "what is". ("What is" quickly can change to "what is not" when linked with expectations or attachment.) When I am in 'isness'/the Moment, I feel alive. This feeling of aliveness is peace, Love, and surrender along with enthusiasm, spontaneity, and creativity. I feel complete and at one with life. Form and formlessness merge. Reality and illusion express through each other seamlessly. I give thanks unceasingly.

The mystic is one who is passionately in Love with God.

The mystic is Love.

The mystic is Self-Love.

The mystic is God.

The mystic is one with form and formlessness.

The mystic takes responsibility for all s/he creates.

The mystic references Soul unceasingly.

The mystic lives a Soul-centered life.



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