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If Love Grew On Trees

If Love Grew on Trees,

I would not pick it.



I would lie down under the tree,

open my mouth,

and allow the sweet nectar of the

fruit of Love to drip slowly,

tantalizingly, onto my lips.


I would lick the nectar of God

across and around my lips

ever so slowly,

Missing no corner, no crevice of

possible delight.


As my lips part ever so slightly

the sweet nectar would

pour forth, infilling my mouth and then slither

seductively down my throat.


Like a drop of indigo dye,

Love would fill the waters of my Consciousness

with itself.


Like a drop of indigo dye,

Love would Awaken me to its continuous presence

in my Consciousness. I would become the brilliance of its illumination there.


Light infilled, I recognize the unceasing presence

of Love within myself,

I radiate Love across time and space.


Love is always there.

Love does not grow on trees.

Love is the tree, the nectar, and me.

Everything is Accomplished. You just bring your Consciousness to it.



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