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The Isness

In the Now. In the Moment.
No past. No future.
No wishing.
No longing.
No lack.

Just the present. Only Love.
Very Clear. I Am Here.
I am fully present. In Love.
As God.

In my Divine Presence.
Fully open.
Fully surrendered.
Fully accepting
Of all that is.

No questions asked.
The answer mine.
Not wanting to be anywhere
else than I am.

I embrace every Being
and every situation
that comes to me.
Knowing Divine Order Is Always In Place.

If I lose my awareness of the moment,
I am no longer in the Isness.
I am once again in the past.
I am once again in the future.
It takes everything I am to stay
in the Isness.
My ego always wants to pull me
to the polarities of future and past.

I Love being in the Isness.
Because I am in my natural state,
in Being, not in doing.
I am in my Glory in the Fullness
of the Truth of Who I am as
both Divine and Human in the Isness.

I breathe the God breath,
which is my breath.
I am fully present with you
when I am in the present with myself.
I see you only as God, which you are
Rather than being pulled into old patterns
of perceiving your ego personality, the mask
you wear, as the Truth of who you believe yourself to be.

No where to go. Nothing to do. Just the Isness.
Divine Order Is Always In Place.

My mind is fully occupied with God Thought
when I have fully surrendered to the Isness.
I lack nothing.
There is no place to go and nothing to do.
I just am in the Isness.

I am Consciously aware that everything is Love,
That everything is God in the Isness.
I am fully present in my mystical nature.
My perception of every act, every thought,
every word, every feeling, every Being comes from
an expanded place of Conscious Awareness.

My ego is fully embraced by my Soul.
My ego has no need to vie for power,
no need to control, to manipulate,
to protect, to defend,
to judge, to criticize.

In the Isness, Truth Reigns.
I access my Soul. I receive full clarity
regarding everything that is brought to me.

I am fully present in the Now.
I bring all my Love to everything
in every moment, in every word,
in every act, in every deed.
I am fully present with all that I am
as God, as Love.

No thought of future or past distracts me.
My thoughts are filled with God,
For this is the only thing that is real.
I am filled with peace and serenity,
I surrender to Love.
Knowing that my Love is the most
powerful thing on the planet.

When I am in the Isness,
I am so filled with Love that I am solid.
There are no cracks, no leaks, no
spaces for old energies of worry,
resentment, or stress to enter.

Living in the Isness requires Courage.
There are no rules.
My lifeforce/Godpresence is the only Truth.
All Thought, Being, Words, Feelings, Actions stem from here.

Living in the Isness requires Audacity.
I make my own rules, which are no rules
except surrendering to and acceptance of Divine Order.
I live in the impersonal
without attachment either to another or to
my personal life. I do not take things personally.
This is freedom in itself.

Living in the Isness means I do my
earthplane homework in inchworm fashion
yet surrender any attachment to the outcome,
trusting fully that everything is in Divine Order.

Living in the Isness implies I live a vital life.
My life expresses the Vitality of the God-presence within.
I create my own reality
and take full responsibility for everything I create.
My Love and vitality inspire others to connect with
the God-presence within themselves.

Living in the impersonal, I am always Living On The Edge.
I make choices which do not conform to the norm
Because I live with my Soul as the only Guide.
Decisions are based on Love rather than on egoic concerns.
I operate from a place of Daring to be my true Self.
I act from spontaneity and creativity,
which are Soul qualities.

I am not afraid to stand out.
Because every action, Soul-guided, is motivated by Love.
I trust that if I act from Love, everything will be for the highest
I am Love in the Isness.



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