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Reflections Of Soul

Looking into a mirror

I see

A projection

Of my inner reality

By choosing to relate Consciously

I create intimacy

I look into you

I see me

Beloved partner


You reveal unto me

The masks I have refused to see

Releasing the tyranny of shame

Life presents a miraculous game

Facing denial with you by my side

Mommy/daddy patterns begin to subside

The mirror now pristine and clear

A reflection of Love embracing fear


Honoring our humanity together we soar

Rejoicing in our Divinity, longing to know more

Remembering God, which we are

Our Awareness becomes infinity's exalted star

Our journey in oneness

Never alone

Merging mirrors

Returning Home

Two Souls united in heavenly flight

Reflections of Love and inner sight

As passion ignites the wisdom of Divine Love

We surrender to the breath of creation

On wings of the dove



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