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How fragile is Self-Love?
It is a rare and delicate jewel.
I see it.
I long for it.
I want to wear it, never take it off.
I hide it under my pillow
to keep it safe.
Yet somehow it slips away during the night
in a moment's inattention.

How, where did the robbers
enter to steal my jewel without
awakening me?
I feel the loss.
I must begin again.
I go outside…searching
I know their hideout.
But they are not there.

Only then do I realize that they are not out there
Because they are in here…in me.
They are in my mind, in my emotions,
in my physical body. Hiding out.

Once again, I behold my jewel!
My radiant fragile jewel!
In my mind I glimpse a crown
of jewels descending from above
my head into my Heart.

I polish it.
I attend to it.
I become its servant.
I become the caretaker of its home
within my heart.
It will never leave.



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