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Steps Along The Way: A Soul-Centered Journey

Inspiring myself each day
Motivating myself every way
Giving thanks unceasingly

Allowing gratitude to be who I am
Releasing all judgement and criticism
Recognizing my control and manipulation

Putting away protection and defense
Willing to be vulnerable
Singing in my Heart & Soul

Learning from all my choices
Feeling my feelings
Being open and willing to change

Living in joy
Moving into the next step without expectation
Removing attachment to the outcome

Becoming the Silence in the sound
Seeing the other as The Beloved
Responding without hesitation to my Soul

Sharing my passion
Unfolding with simplicity
Acknowledging that I create my own reality

Holding equally both positive and negative feelings
All experience/feeling/thought/word is my teacher
Birthing each moment Now

Dwelling in peace
Seeing myself and others exactly as we are
Joining my Heart with the Heart of the other

Journeying into the unknown in faith and trust
Offering Love to the other
Accepting Love from another

Loving self unconditionally





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