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Continuum Of Creativity

Creativity is the spark of the Divine in every human being. Creativity expresses through those who are open to the unknown: the uncharted territory of Creation.


Like a flash of lightening on a dark quiet night

Creativity erupts.

It overflows the senses,

Spilling out like liquid inspiration.


Awash in a sea of Creativity,

Ideas flow like mercury on a surface.

Sometimes the pen, keyboard, or color scampers to keep up.


The Spirit moves.

The Muse speaks.

The Energy activates.

The Vision becomes real.

Manifestation expresses with effortless ease,

As muscles relay the electric pulse of Creation.


Surprise and excitement fill the willing instrument

Of Love unleashed.

Images and feelings,

Sensations and wisdom,

Flood the empty spaces

Seeking the freedom of expression.

The communication of passion.

The movement of vibration.

The loop is complete.


What goes around,

Goes around

And around and around.

An endless cycle of formless to form

And back again.


The Creator, the Created, and the witness of Creation,

Fold sweetly into one another

Until all boundaries dissolve

In a loving embrace of Oneness expressed,

As the many.

Expressed in an ever-widening circle of life.

Rippling out from the center,

Touching all things.

Leaving in its hallowed wake

A deliciousness, a satisfaction, a completion.


The seeds of a new cycle

Waiting to give birth

To more Creation.



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