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Endless Song


Smothers like a piece of cloth,


Covering my body.

I pant heavily,

Struggling intensely.


The light is disappearing.


The love song you once sang to me

Echoes in the darkness...


I lost myself,

My beloved,

Since the day you left me...


My body is like a ghost,

My head hits the gate of the hell,

Please take me in,

I suffer to the marrow of my bones,

I will never regret my Love for you.


I dwell in self-sacrifice,

Like a goblin driving me to the fire,

The flames lick my flesh greedily,

Until the last drop of blood is gone.

In this place of extreme agony,

I experience a strange feeling of bliss.

In the illumination of the fire,

I see an exotic phoenix raising from the ashes,

Dancing a celebration of new birth.

It is my eternal Soul,

It is my Love from time immemorial.



Always be an eagle in paradise,

Because I just got back from hell.

The alchemy burned all my expectation and despair,

But my Love never ceases.

Whether in heaven, earth, or hell,

All are created in my mind.


If we choose,

We can be

Soul to Soul,

Heart to Heart.

Your endless love song

Has been imprinted deeply in my heart.

I shall carry it from lifetime to lifetime.



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