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Song To Soul

Hold me, dear Soul

As the wings of a gentle dove

Swaddle me in peace

Come into my Heart, dear Soul


Thrust me

With the force of my own relentless suffering

Into the marrow of my life's shame

Entwined as flesh, blood, and bone

Encasing me in despair


Wrap me

In your clear knowingness

For eternity,

And for this brief and treasured moment I call life

I am a hungry woman

Aching from emptiness and desire

Grasping for the replenishment of your Love, dear Soul


Move me

With the dance of passion, of ecstasy

As the winds of change

Blow me to the center of my own betrayal of myself

The threadbare satin blanket of my childhood suffocates my mind

The shroud of my attachments


Listen to me

As the breathless cry of my pain and sorrow

Are drowned by the flooding of my creative juice

Abandoning myself to become a Savior

To humanity

The excuses of a woman, an artist,

Are imprinted upon my identity


Teach me

To dwell in the sound of the Silence

As the faces of illusion float like clouds above me

Creating limitation on my very existence

I dip my feet into the dark pools of my pathless path

Turning to stand and face my fears

As an offering to my Source


Mirror for me, dear Soul

That which I AM

In the faces of my enemy and my friend

I erase the burdens of a thousand lifetimes

With one glimpse of unconditional Love

And hold each as myself

I love thee, as me, now



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