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Wild Heart

 Breathing I embody Love.

Touching a fullness that eternally awaits

At the heart of relaxation.

I embody every emotion -

each a texture of radiance in the

Garment of Light that I wear.

How can I repress anything anymore?

Or betray the flow of passion,

the river of life exploring itself

through my wild winding caverns and

deep valleys?

I hold back nothing

(that I know of)

trusting my power,

birthing Love through lust, rage, sorrow, fear.

I relax into the contractions, breathe into

the shadow - open, open.

Shadow, I will devour your lies,

Bite off your head,

Hold you as your body trembles

with the fear of losing me.

How much of your consciousness can you offer?

I will open to receive more than you ever thought

possible to give.

I will open to the Love -

Wild, free, ecstasy -




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