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Being Soul Centered

My Being is whole

centered in Soul.

With opportunities to grow,

the purpose is to know

the Truth of who I am.


A little more each day

my ego slips away

into my Soul.

I can clearly see

the Truth for which I aim,

the Light from which I came.

The birthright which is mine.

I am Divine.


To work with family,

to know the Truth of Me.

To close my exits off.

To know there is no loss.

I reset my course in life.

No struggle, stress, or strife.


I'll live life with loving thought

and truly walk the walk.

Always asking Soul

what I need to know,

listening for guidance,

having full reliance

on God, which I am.


Yes, God manifests as me

for the best that I can be.

I'll walk and speak and see

with Love's sweet energy.


The Truth of who we are

is centered in our Heart.

We're Love, Light, Peace, and Joy.

These qualities we employ

to guide us through each day,

to live the loving,

Soul Centered way.




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