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The Transformation

One night in my dream I walked along a path with many people. The journey was tedious and strenuous. "Everyone before us has walked on this same path," my companions told me. I believed that it was true because I could still see the footprints of my grandparents and my parents. This old trail was used by many, many people because it was familiar and safe.

The next night, the dream continued. I questioned, "If, indeed, everyone walks on this path, does it mean it is the right path for me?" I found out I had to stop running my old pattern, and look for new solutions.

The following day was very challenging. The physical and emotional pain was intense. I was confused mentally, as well. "Am I betraying others by seeking my own path? What is my own Truth?" I would need to change my way of working, my relationships, and every corner of my life. I would need to clean up the old stuff/baggage from my family.

The old patterns started to fall away. I was exhausted. My ego was surrendering to my Soul. That night, as I closed my eyes, I saw myself, sometimes as a Buddha, and sometimes as a human. The form always changes, but the Divine Essence remains the same as eternal Love and Light.

Now, I walk back and forth between my dream and reality. To me, they are no longer separate. Wherever I am, I feel grateful. The place I am living is called "here." The time is always "the present."

I recognize my true self as Divine. In this lifetime, I have the patience and persistent to practice my Truth. My life stream is not necessarily always calm, but the peaceful feeling inside myself remains. My perspective of life has been transformed forever. This is part of my Awakening process.



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