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Standing In Neutrality / Soul-Centered

My kids are independent. They seldom ask for advice. I used to do the "Mom" thing. Give advice whether asked for or not. Mostly not.

Since recognizing Soul Agreements and seeing how Divine Order works in my life, I've done an about-face. My Soul Agreement was to raise each child to be his/her on person. They grew, each very different from the other. They went to college, got jobs, married, had children.

At the same time, I went through passages that were not too different from theirs. I divorced from their Dad about the time they were taking off on their own life paths. I learned to take responsibility as an individual. I developed friends unlike any previously. I found and nurtured my spiritual Being.

Now I visit my far-flung children and their families. These visits feel very different from earlier ones. The energy is not hovering, judging, or advice-filled. I look like Mom, but feel like a supportive friend.

Being with my kids gets easier with each visit. I find I no longer need to judge their lives. I see similarities pop up in their family lives that harken back to their childhood. I am aware of the generational patterning. I share my memories and awareness that seem relevant. I do not attempt to judge their ways of being in the world.

If I have one gift to bring to them today, it is that of finally feeling my feelings. In the past, they saw me stuff how I felt, put on a happy face, and yield my preferences to another. Today, I lovingly speak my Truth when Soul guides me to share.

I honor my children as my teacher. I see my mistakes mirrored in their lives. These are my lessons now. I bring to these lessons Love and understanding unknown to me before I learned about ego and Soul. I have been given the tools to bring change into my life. I am profoundly touched by this newfound ability to Love completely, without drama.

I stand now in neutrality, loving my kids just the way they are.



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