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Check Your Ego At The Doorway Of Your Life

We come into physical manifestation with great purpose - to Wake-Up. Why, then, do we go through "the valley of forgetting" just before entering the body? That's the Process! We forget so that we can go through the process of remembering - we call this life. One of our greatest helpers in this forgetting process is the ego. That is the part of us which is convinced that we are alone, separate from God, separate from each other. We feel disconnected from one another and on our own, trying to survive and get our needs met in a sometimes hostile world. It feels like a competition between us and all of the other individuals vying for the same things - air, food, water, sex, money, acceptance, respect, feeling special, LOVE.

The ego is a wily fellow with insatiable needs. It does everything is its power to convince us of our separateness. It does a one-sided "battle" with our Soul, which knows the Truth and is completely aware of itself as God. Soul knows the Oneness. It knows we can Wake-Up through our Self-Love and support of one another. Soul will never "battle" with ego. Soul waits with infinite patience for us to turn inward and connect with the Truth of our Being.

Ego is a trickster. It feeds on power. It is fear-based in every way. Ego comes from a place of comparison and competition. It utilizes control/manipulation, protection/defense, and judgment/criticism to survive. Ego feeds us with messages of inadequacy, self-doubt, and self-loathing.

By bringing our Consciousness, and thereby our Love to the ego, we can fully embrace the ego and move from an ego-centered life to a Soul-centered life. An important part of The Work is to move beyond the limited negative beliefs of the ego and into Soul Awareness. To go beyond the Big Lies ego would have us believe and return to Truth. We are always "at choice" in Life. Do we stay distracted by the roar of ego? Or do we become still and quiet, entering into the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts and listening to our Soul's guidance? We can check ego at the doorway of our Life -we choose to follow our Soul's wisdom and guidance.



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