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Heart, Soul, Love

Once upon a time, Heart, Soul, and Love were just words, each separate and unconnected. I knew Heart as a bittersweet energy that betrayed me with its fickle bouncing from one infatuation to the next. Soul was like the song, "I'm Yours, Body and Soul", as if Soul were mine to give away. Love was an excitement that meant pain, because I could never be worthy of anyone else's Love.

Early in my Awakening, I was told it was OK for my Heart to break. Each time my Heart broke open, it would hold more and more Love. Only after I actually felt a physical sensation in my chest, not unlike the 'growing pains' of childhood, did I begin to catch a glimmer of this new concept of Heartbreak. My Heart is limitless. And constantly expanding. The fullness in my chest is a sentient reminder of my continuing growth in and as Soul.

I learned that Soul is my guiding inspiration. As I ask Soul for guidance, I am offered the opportunity to access Soul's wisdom instead of ego's. Soul brings Love, Joy, Peace, Simplicity, Creativity, Inspiration, Spontaneity, and Enthusiasm. All positive thoughts and feelings flow from this connection with Soul. Ego is master of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Recognizing when I am in negative energy and negative reaction tells me when I am in ego. When finding myself back in ego, I ask anew to be joined with Soul. This connection with Soul has never been denied. But I must ask! Soul does not intrude itself upon me. I must Consciously ask Soul to teach me the lesson to be learned. Soul teaches me how to more fully love ego. In loving ego I am practicing Self-Love. This is Divine Freedom.

Love is the question. Love is the answer. Each day as I enter The Silence, as part of The Calls, I speak these words: "I call that the Channel of Light, which I am, expand into the infinite 'At-One-ment' of all that is, Divine Love." When I acknowledge that I am in Divine Love, I am announcing that I am Love, both human and Divine. Repeating each day that "I am Love" has brought me to recognize the Self-Love that I am. The journey to Self-Love has come through much prayer and The Work. I have learned Self-Love through doing the Next Focus In Divine Consciousness Work Sheets. I have learned about Self-Love from my ego dramas. When I manifest this Self-Love fully, I want to, and often do, stand up and proclaim, "I'm in Love." I am in Love with life. I am in Love with my Soul. I am fully alive.

My Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. Your Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. Love is all there is. Recognizing and living that Love is my Soul Agreement. Through my Heart, in the Serene Center of my Being Within my Heart, I merge with Soul. I am Love. At that moment I am fully Awake.



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