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Sowing Seeds Of Love

Never underestimate the power of Love.

When we bring our Love to everything that we do, we change all that is. Just as one drop can spread ripples through an entire body of water, so our Love can send a ripple out that will be felt by the collective consciousness. We need not demonstrate a grand act of sacrifice in order to make a difference. A small seed of Love will do. For that seed will give birth to more seeds, which will give birth to yet more seeds.

And what kind of seed are we talking about?

Sending a genuine smile to the stranger on the street is one seed. Sending a note of gratitude and appreciation to a friend is another. Every time we do the dishes, if we bring mindfulness and loving attention to each dish, each washing, each rinse, we are planting a seed. We are expressing all the Love which we are through that one simple task.

Every time we take out the trash, we might silently give thanks for all the goods, services, and blessings we received from each discarded item before it became trash. We might give thanks to all the people who were a part of making those goods and services.

When we receive a telephone call from a wrong number or a sales person we don't want to talk to, we might honor and bless them and end the call politely with dignity and respect. For we know that they, too, are God, that they are us.

We sow a seed of Love when we put our physical surroundings in impeccable order. For it does not matter if we live in a palace or one room, it is what we make of our space that determines the quality of our living there.

When we are spending time with a loved one and they have something to communicate to us, we might give them our full attention and look them in the eye. We might take as many opportunities as possible to look into the Heart and Soul of each person we interact with.

And we can't forget those other magnificent opportunities to express the Divine which we are; such as eating a meal, working at our desk, doing the laundry, sitting on the toilet, paying our bills, walking the dog, and so on.

All daily routines can become an immense experience of our Divinity when we make it Sacred. We need not run from the mundane cares of life to find enlightenment and Awaken. We need not seek out an ashram, a guru, or a burning bush. We are the burning bush. It is the demonstration of our Love, like a single drop, that brings the Sacred to the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives.



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