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To the ego, surrender means to give up, submit. I quit. Stop fighting. It is equated with losing. Acknowledging defeat. To Soul, surrender means to win. It means to stop fighting with oneself. It means to get off the battlefield, put down your weapons, and acknowledge victory. Victory over what? Victory over the tyranny of the ego. The ego is what we fight with, against, for, about, and because of. The ego has a terrible inferiority complex. Because of it's poor sense of self worth, it is constantly pitting itself against the egos of others to try to make itself seem better than the other. It is the part of us that loves a good fight or even a bad one.

When we Consciously surrender, what we are saying is that we no longer choose to fight the battles that our ego wishes to engage in. We have, in effect, made a Conscious decision to change the way we live our lives. If ego is not our motivator, then what do we use for guidance in our lives? If we do not live from our ego then the choice is to live from our Souls, our true Self, our connection with God which we are. Our Soul guides us unfailingly if we ask it to. We surrender to Soul's guidance. It is a win-win proposition. You win. I win. Everyone wins.

Well, if everyone wins why don't more people do it? Good question. The reason is that everyone is conditioned to operate in life from the ego. It is ingrained in us and imprinted upon us from infancy. We are addicted to our ego. It is hard to let go of this negative way of living. This is both the opportunity and the challenge that faces everyone who chooses to be human. We are born, develop an ego, hopefully learn that it causes all our misery, and then choose to live another way. The ego was given to us as a tool for our Awakening. It is integral to our Self-Realization process. It is our identity, who we believe ourselves to be. Quite an ingenious Divine Set-Up. However, instead of being our servant, it has become our master. We have allowed it to take over every aspect of our lives. We are, in effect, slaves. Slaves to our fears, slaves to our needs, slaves to our sense of not being good enough, slaves to each other. So we have a world of slaves with ego in control. Only those who surrender their ego's point of view for a Divine point of view are free. To surrender is to be free.

It is rather ironic that when we surrender we are being asked to release that which makes our lives difficult, painful, confusing, miserable, lonely, and a thousand other negative qualities. And we struggle with this. It is about giving up the ego's control of our lives. We really fear giving up that control. It is this fear that makes life so hard for us. We must finally surrender to the fact that WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

When the decision to surrender to Soul has been made, then, paradoxically, Life truly begins. Our God-Self, our true Self, emerges. This is the part of us that is in everyone and everything. It knows how to live and work in harmony with everything because it IS everything. It has no need to control because it is at peace with everything. It is in alignment with everything. It is our Soul. Surrender and Soul is instantly there. There is no time lag. It is instantaneous. When you surrender, you succeed. Win! Win!



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