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The Heart Of Awakening

Consciousness is the Heart of Awakening.

Consciousness is being truly aware of myself and my world. It is Loving what happens in the moment. It is the essence of accepting the flow of experiences without expectation or anticipation.

When I am in Consciousness I feel no separation between what is happening in my world and myself. I am completely immersed in what is going on. I have no other focus. Consciousness is a Divine Set-Up for me to be in my Heart all the time. In Consciousness, my Soul is in union and communion with my ego. Ego surrenders its need to be in control. Ego surrenders its six functions (judgment, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense). With this surrender, ego is saying it trusts Soul. Trusts Soul to Love so completely that ego's fear dissolves into acceptance of the moment.

The practice of being fully Conscious, moment to moment, is an opportunity to experience being God, which-I-am.

Consciousness is a paradox. On one hand I know that Consciousness is living with awareness moment to moment. The opposite is also true. Consciousness has no time or space. It is boundless and eternal.

Consciousness is a process. We begin with inchworm steps, moving from Conscious moment to Conscious moment. The gaps of inattentiveness between the Conscious moments become shorter as we take responsibility for our Consciousness. Soon we experience this Consciousness as who we are. Change has occurred.

Change is an aspect of Love moving from the present vibration, (contraction), to a higher vibration, (expansion), in an upward spiraling pattern. It is hard to conceive of change without Consciousness, or Consciousness without change. When reviewing the changes in my perception, I am aware of the process of transformation that had its beginnings in the intention to become Conscious. When my intention is to be aware of how what I do, and think, affects and transforms every particle of my perceptions, that is exactly what happens.

The miracle is the joining of intention and Awakening. The miracle is called Consciousness. My daily life is full of practices in Consciousness: The Silence, exercise, blessing of food and friends, awareness that all is Love, I am Love, and acknowledgment that my Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. These practices become my joy and peace. Joy is the feeling nature of Love. Peace is the essence of taking responsibility for my reality.

Consciousness is truly the Heart of Awakening.



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