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Living My Life Simply: A Soul Quality

Living the life of a caretaker, concentrating on the emotional well being of others, is a tricky undertaking. Attempting to insure another's happiness … mission impossible. As a child I learned to live life from the perspective of others. My mirror to the world was fixated on the approval, acceptance, and wishes of someone outside of myself. My identity as self was lost. My connection to God, which I am, forgotten. Life became a steady course of pleasing others, self-justification, suffering, denial, and self-loathing.

It took a near brush with death as a major wake-up call for me to ultimately discover I have to live my life, not the other's life. I have to remember God, which I am, and reference my Soul in each moment. My Soul has asked me to live my life simply. I have to discover my own unique Truth, live by it, and stand in the Truth of my Being 24 hours a day.

As a result of this discovery, I am learning that I do not have to give up loving others, for this is my true joy and passion in life. This means in loving others I can now come from a place of Self-Love versus a need to validate or justify my existence. Living life simply means Loving myself, being the Love that I am without judgment or concern for what others may think of me.

As I love myself more and more, I experience living in the moment: watching my kittens play, being with my children, creating a conscious relationship with the man I love, singing, writing, laughing, feeling my feelings, simply Being. I am learning how to release the egoic functions of judgment/criticism, control/manipulation, and protection/defense. I am learning to trust that everything is in Divine Order. I am opening to Divine Love. Life becomes more and more simple as I open to, rather than resist, the Love within. Truly blessed am I who lives life simply.



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