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Connecting With My Soul

The memory is still vivid in my Consciousness. The first knowingness of my Soul. I was standing at the edge of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. It was New Year's Eve Day thirteen years ago. I was reviewing energies of the old year, preparing for the year to come.

Then….a feeling of deep joy overcame me. It was a feeling of expansiveness rushing through me. Oh, the grandeur of this feeling! It was a feeling of being greater than my little self. It was a feeling of connection with the universe. I was able to hold onto it for only a moment. But, having experienced it once, I knew I wanted to feel it again…to hold onto it forever. Such began my Awakening to the awareness of Love's presence within me, the awareness of my Soul.

When I feel my Soul within me
Tears stream down my face.
Tears of remembrance of Home
In my Soul's Loving Embrace.

My next connection with my Soul was so amazing that everything changed in my Life. When I asked for assistance in connecting with my Soul, I was offered a gift of five gold rings by my Soul. I was told to "Look in" to receive the full meaning of the gift. I opened to receive. Love, Energy, and Clarity began to pour through me. I was awed by the Wisdom I received. I began to reference my Soul for decisions. When I listened, the Wisdom was always truthful, simple, and loving. In my Soul I found a source of great Love for me. Soul guiding me, Loving me. When I listened, I no longer felt alone.

When I feel my Soul within me
Tears stream down my face.
Tears of remembrance of Home
In my Soul's Loving Embrace.

In the early years, I would bid my Soul to enter into my physical body, to infuse me with Love every morning. I felt the energy as a warm shower of expansive energy tingling its way down through me from my crown chakra, (at the top of my head), down through my feet. In calling upon my Soul more and more frequently over the years, I have developed a deeper sense of union and communion with Soul. My Soul now comes unbidden, pouring Love upon me, both in the Silence and when I am in the world. I feel fully nurtured by this inpouring of Love. Love, and more Love surrounding me, embracing me. I feel the sweetness of the Love. I feel that I am Love, the Lover, and the Beloved. I feel a vibration, a fullness within as if I hold everything and am simultaneously held within everything.

I feel it when I travel. I feel it when I eat. I feel in direct union and communion with God, with all sentient beings within the universe. I feel…very happy.

When I feel my Soul within me
Tears stream down my face.
Tears of remembrance of Home
In my Soul's Loving Embrace.



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