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Soul As The Bridge Between My Humanity And My Divinity

Through untold lifetimes I have sought to be more God-like. I have prayed, contemplated, and meditated. All the while, my personal life continued on, muddled, drifting, unfocused.

I have lived in two different worlds. I have lived in my Humanity or I have lived in my Divinity. My personal egoic world, (my Humanity), has remained separate and disconnected from my spiritual life. How can I embrace my egoic drama and at the same time listen and learn from my Soul, (God-Self). My past pattern has been to dwell in one polarity or the other; positive or negative, Divine Consciousness or ego drama. All Humanity and I long to be at peace, in love, expressing as joy. The bridge, Soul, gives me that opportunity. Soul has been the bridge to connect both my Humanity and Divinity. My Soul is available to me at all times. My responsibility is to be Conscious and ask for Soul guidance. When I listen, I receive Soul guidance. Soul has outlined several Esoteric Teachings and Practices. They serve as tools for me to live my Humanity within my Divinity. Soul has given me the choice to release being bound by negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. These are the egoic experiences of Humanity. Soul has given several processes for releasing negative conditioning.


Bridging Tool #1 The Silence
The Silence allows my thoughts and feelings to arise without my engaging them. I acknowledge their presence and release them into my Heart. I go back into the Silence by entering into the Serene Center of My Being with in My Heart. Soul awaits me here. My ego goes with me into the Silence. It learns from surrendering itself into the Silence. The Silence gives me peace.


Bridging Tool #2 The Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets
I have learned that I can only change that which I can name. Soul has given me a format for looking at imprinted negative love patterns. It is a method for releasing my unfinished Mommy/Daddy business. I work deeply with the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets. As Humanity, we have a Soul Agreement to learn through polarity: right/wrong, good/bad, perfect/mediocre. I chose to be born into a family which instilled in me the edicts of "not good enough" and "you'll never get it". My life long struggle has been to rise above these imprinted faults and defects to become "perfect, acceptable, and respectable". I passed these negative pronouncements on to my children. My grandchildren now live with this generational burden. By using The Next Focus Sheets, Soul has given me a format through which I can speak my negativity. I put my negative feelings, actions, and thoughts on paper to learn what has "run me" egoically this lifetime. The clarity has been profound. It has led me to greater self-acceptance and Self-Love. It is my Soul guiding me to live my Humanity within my Divinity.


Bridge Tool #3 Esoteric Teaching - Everything Is Illusion Back to God
Through remembering this Teaching, I unceasingly ask, "What's Really Going On?" I am able to raise my Consciousness. This creates an alignment with Soul and a balance of the perspective-Humanity Within Divinity. I must be Conscious of the "Bigger Picture" in order to live in both my Humanity and Divinity. When I am aware, Conscious, I remain in alignment with Soul and in balance with my life. I find that, with relentless practice, I remain in that focused place more and more. It does require practice and patience.


Bridging Tool #4 The Practice of Referencing Soul in All Decision-Making
My intention to live as human and Divine require me to be consistent. I am given a gentle nudge and guidance by my Soul when I move into my egoic drama. I find myself judging/criticizing, controlling/manipulating and/or protecting/defending. These ego functions are my "buttons". They push me into negative reactivity. Soul helps me to recognize them more quickly. I now choose to ask Soul for assistance in moving through any negative situation.

My Soul, when I ask, shows me my inconsistencies. When I change them, I move effortlessly back into alignment with my Soul - which is always consistent. All is given unto me. I am able to recognize that all is in Divine Order. As I move through my egoic drama back into balance and alignment with Soul, my life once more reflects my Humanity held within my Divinity.

The process of being both human and Divine requires loving, relentless attention. These are just a few of the tools given by Soul to Bridge this gap. I give unceasing thanks and gratitude to my Soul for being my Divine Bridge. Connection with my Soul has given me freedom to Love myself as both human and Divine.



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