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Soul And I

Soul has always spoken to me.

I did not know how to listen.

As an infant, Soul spoke through my Mom's Love as she comforted or nursed me.

Soul was with me as a child when Mom caressed my skin to soothe away my worries or sadness. Dad was the messenger of Soul as he would play the piano as a prelude for bedtime.

As a young adult, Soul was brought to me through the miracle of classical music.

As a young bride I did not recognize the passion of new Love as the heartbeat of Soul. As a new mother, I was enthralled by the deep bond of trust formed between mother and child, not realizing the presence of Soul. As a disillusioned divorced woman, I could not equate the changes in my life as a message from Soul.

Now I have been taught how to listen to my Soul. As this emerging Conscious connection with Soul grows, I am learning about the mundane drama of ego. Behind the rage, pain, and suffering, I find the promise of Self-Love.

By listening in each moment to my Soul, I feel my ego surrendering to 'what is'. Soul and I are united in "What is Really Going On" behind the surface appearance of my drama. Nothing, I have found, is ever what it appears to be. Everything is a symbol.

With prayer and practice, I now listen as I ask Soul to guide me moment to moment. It is then that I am aligned with my Soul. When I am Conscious, alignment with my Soul is effortless. When I move away from Conscious listening and asking, I am out of alignment with my Soul. Ego, my old partner, is all too eager to control the situation. Ego uses judgment, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense to keep me out of alignment.

Soul never jumps in to "save". Soul is patient. Soul awaits me - to be Conscious once more. Soul holds the space for me to ask, to listen, to Love. The moment comes more and more frequently when I am ready to ask, to listen, to receive the wise guidance of my Soul. As I surrender into the Serene Center of My Being within my Heart, Soul rejoices. We begin once more. One more step is taken in my Awakening process.

When I am in Soul, I feel release, warmth. This warmth begins gently in the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart, radiating, pulsing. As this energy expands, my limbs and head feel a vibration of aliveness. Time ceases. Space both extends and implodes simultaneously within me.

At the same moment my Heart opens to receive. In this place of surrender, all is perfect. All is in Divine Order. This is Union and Communion with my Soul. I accept the guidance of my Soul.

There is one more step to this ongoing process. I must manifest into the physical that which Soul has given me. I have spent lifetimes listening in prayer, in meditation, in contemplation. Now, I have the Trust and Faith to act upon that which Soul gives to me. I follow the guidance of my Soul without hesitation. Thank you, Beloved Soul.



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