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Humanity Says / Soul Says

Humanity says:
Why am I feeling so close to the edge? The edge of another abyss. The edge of nothingness itself. If things do not turn around for me financially soon, I feel as though I'm a goner.

I am beginning to work with people sporadically, but it seems I'm going through my umpteenth shakeout. I just want to serve, period. And Spirit knows my intention. I do and I don't trust the process, and that's what is confusing.

I have not been able to find "conventional" work and, believe me, I've tried. It seems that any of us involved in the "work" are freaks, we don't really fit in anywhere…


Soul says:
I fit in.
I fit in everywhere.
I fit in because I bring my Love to Everything.
My Love is the most powerful thing on the planet.
It transforms.
Your Love is the most powerful thing on the planet,
as well.
Like me, you have work to do - work in Consciousness -
to create this as your reality.

I know the feeling of being a "freak", as you put it.
A beloved boyfriend once told me I was more than two
standard deviations from the mean.
My life has been transformed doing The Work.
I know that I, You, We Are and Always Have Been
Love and only Love.
The Work is the process of bringing our Consciousness
to that Truth.

How does one begin?
First, one Commits.
Until the Commitment to the Truth of one's Being
has been made, nothing can happen.

Doing The Work implies a 2-fold process.
It is not about doing spirit work only.
There are two parallel tracks.
One track of emotional clearing work
must be traversed in full Consciousness.
The other track of Soul work
must also be traversed.
Most do not want to traverse both tracks.
They think a single track, the spiritual track alone,
will bring them to full Consciousness of themselves as Love.

How can one be a clear channel for Love to flow through
when one has not cleared one's stuff?
The "stuff" implies unfinished mommy-daddy issues,
negative love patterns, anything that keeps humanity
playing out over and over the roles of victim/savior/persecutor,
playing out the egoic energies of control, manipulation,
judgement, criticism, protection, and defense.

You said you want to serve. The basis of service is Love. Love for all
humanity/Love for oneself.
How can one Love another fully, compassionately, truly
if one does not Love oneself?
Loving oneself fully means Loving both the positive and negative
polarities within oneself.

The Work thus implies that a deep level of self-discovery must be done. Essential to the process is that one will embrace one's shadow with such
Love that there is absolutely nothing but Love in one's Consciousness. To live at
the level of Soul and God thought, one must trust the Esoteric
Teachings: God Is Love, I Am Love, I Am God, as absolute Truth. Taking
responsibility for creation of one's own reality and
creating from the place of Love…this is the essence of The Work.

You said Spirit knows your intention.

If you believe that Everything Is Illusion Back To God, I propose that
a shift in perception of "The Edge" may be a Divine Setup,
a "wake-up call", to direct you Home to your God Self.

Doing The Work is work. But, as one who has been doing it for 12 years, I tell you that the rewards are beyond compare.

You can choose to trust or not.
You can stand at the edge of the abyss in fear and say "No"
Or you can say "yes" and surrender to Love, to God, to the
Divinity which you are.
Only when one says "yes" can something happen.
In the inchworm fashion, in Trust and Faith,
doing The Work along both tracks, simultaneously. Shifts will

Or, you can choose to stay in suffering and allow
Shit to happen.
You choose.
Victim or Creator.
Remember, Your Love is the Most Powerful Thing
on the Planet.
Bust the Big Lie that you are separate from God or from anything,
which is all God.
Truly integrate this knowingness at every level of your Being,
in all your bodies,
planes, and cells, and you will no longer live in fear.
The Truth is that you are never alone.
There are many who will walk with you on the path.
I Bless You.

May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free from fear and suffering.
May you dwell in Peace.
If you choose…


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Click Here to View Companion Piece



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