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The Gift

Soul is quiet.
Soul awaits me.
Soul speaks to me
in a thousand ways
if I choose to listen.

Soul's voice is the voice of Wisdom,
of Heart, of Truth, of Love, and of Peace. It offers
guidance from the highest place of Consciousness
if I choose to listen.

How can I know the voice of my Soul
amidst the myriad of voices I hear
within me throughout my day
Urging me, manipulating me, judging me.
I become very quiet. I consciously shift my focus
from head to Heart.

I feel the Love flow through me.
It begins at the crown of my head and descends
like a gentle waterfall flowing through my body.

I know Love takes me to the place where I meet my Soul.
I recognize the Serene Center of My Being within my Heart.
I have been here before.
I know my Soul awaits me here.
If I but choose to listen.

Will I listen? Or will I not, once again to
be seduced by the slumber of forgetfulness.


My Soul speaks to me daily
In words of beauty, with images of light dancing.
Reminding me always that
I live in a state of Grace.
To be here on the earth for the short time gifted me.
I acknowledge both the gift and the challenge.



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