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My Soul's Gift Of Beauty

Beauty is Soul's gift to me. Being surrounded with and by beauty awakens my creative juices. I am inspired. My Heart expands and lifts, making every task smoother. Harmony and simplicity become the impetus for any endeavor.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I lived in denial. My life was stressful and filled with leaking rage. Beauty was present but unacknowledged. I was too busy trying to hold myself together. I was frustrated, weary, and depressed. I had no time for the Soul quality of Beauty.

I have changed. Now my life is in balance. The soothing quality of Beauty echoes Soul's ongoing hum of Love. This smooth energy provides a sweet ease in every undertaking. There is a measured rhythm of Being present, Consciously, that transforms everything into joy.

How did I find Beauty after living in denial, pain, and sorrow? I discovered my Rage. Rage was a living, breathing entity that devoured any chance of my recognizing Beauty.

A seemingly endless period of self-sabotage, self-abuse, and unworthiness lead to my being so ready to change that I was able to ask for, and listen to, my Soul's guidance. I am no longer driven to leak rage. In the past, I created shrieking, full-blown rage. Now, I not only can name the rage, but also change it into Love. My life changed in that moment. The most blissful result is my awareness that Beauty has surrounded me all along.

Now, cleaning house becomes a timeless task because I am shown the Beauty of honoring each room as my expression of Love. Love of myself and those who visit these rooms.

Paying bills supports my life and honors my choices. This is a privilege. I give thanks for creating abundance. With thanks and gratitude I create Beauty. Soul and Beauty join as partners to build enriching experiences.

With Beauty all around me, I feel beautiful. I expand and see Beauty where previously I did not recognize it. Beauty infuses me with a lightness of Heart that creates a seamless flow to my hours and days. I am in Love with life.



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